When we started using the Tiger I was very pleasantly surprised! It has a soft, short coat, which you can remove and wash by hand. Quality product!

Senara Fath

My daughter loves horses above anything else. Last year she got a horse at Christmas, both have since been inseparable ❤️. Every day !!! is cleaned, fed and kissed and kissed again !!! She dresses like a princess and rides around cheering.


Our daughter is completely happy with her own "horse" she brushes him every day gives him a blanket when it is cold and keeps giving him kisses! There was no better gift for her 3rd birthday

Lan Jonkergiuw-van der Pas

We are very happy with the arrival of the Animal-Riding horse. Both my son of 8 and my daughter of almost 4 have a lot of fun. I can't think of the horse anymore!


My daughter rode a pony for the first time during the summer holidays and has been completely fond of horses ever since. Wherever we encounter horses or ponies, she is always the first to see them. Her enthusiasm became even greater when she received a rocking horse on wheels from Animal Riding at home early last month.

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A few years ago my child got the horse gift and still this is her favorite toy! We also bought a cleaning case, which made the fun even bigger.


The horse was the perfect Christmas gift for our daughter (4 years)! She had mastered it right away. Even our son (2.5 years) can do just as well as the big 🙂