About Us

"Born from a need: Animal Riding"

Our Story

Animal-Riding originated in 2008 in the Netherlands with a family with a passion for entrepreneurship and horses. The eldest daughter of the family already drove on real ponies and the youngest also wanted oh so much... But was really still too small. At that time, the parents could find nothing else for the youngest than a horse of plush where you could sit on but that could not move. Because they could imagine that many more parents were against this problem, the following idea arose: A toy horse where you could really get ahead with a real horse-riding movement!

The development

And so the company was born in which the parents Jef van de Wardt and Désirée van Hoeve embarked on a long, intensive path of development. In Asia they found a system that partly met their expectations. However, this was not working optimally, not yet a nice design and was amateurishly produced on a small scale. Jef in particular, who had previously led a technical production department at a leading company for 20 years, knew almost immediately how things could be improved. The following years have been devoted to developing a beautiful, high-quality product. In the meantime the range has been expanded with many other animals and many containers of animals come to the Netherlands every year to be distributed from here to Europe among many buyers.

Animal Riding of this moment

Animal-Riding is a fixed factor at the annual International Toyfair in Nuremberg, has won several awards and still ensures everyone who first becomes acquainted with the product for a smile on the face! Animal-Riding has already made countless children happy with one of the animals in the assortment!