A strong and happy child? 10 proven reasons why playing outside is the answer

Recent research by Jantje Beton has shown that no less than 15% of children never play outside. Especially children from 4 to 14 years of highly educated parents in the Randstad prefer to play indoors. "Children who do play outside are demonstrably healthier and happier. Said Dave Ensberg- Kleijkers (director of Jantje Beton).

It's hard for parents to get children out. The attraction of all those glowing pixels is great and a lot of games, especially the 'free' games, are designed to be picked up and updated as often as possible. Besides the phone, of course the game computer, TV, tablet and laptop call for attention.

75 percent of the children indicated in the Jantje Beton study that they feel cheerful and happy after playing outside and 48 percent feel strong and healthy after playing outside. According to the study, children would go outside more often if there were more exciting playgrounds and lawns or if they were less bothered by traffic. These are 10 reasons why playing outside is the answer to make your child stronger and happier:

1. Being in motion
Physical effort of a child makes them stronger and fitter. In addition, the kids do not eat / nibble of course.

2. Immune system is strengthened
While playing outside, children come into contact with all kinds of bacteria in the earth and the mud in which they play. As a result, the child's immune system improves by itself.

3. Social Skills
Playing together, together on an adventure, discussing, arguing and making amends. In this way, your child learns to get along better with other children.

4. Vitamin D level
Vitamin D is essential for the development of strong bones. Remember that your child wears a headgear and is rubbed with sunburn.

5. Creativity and imagination
There are no rules for playing outside. Children can be as creative and imaginative as they want to be.

6. Improving eyes
Ophthalmologists strongly recommend that each child be outdoors for two hours a day.

7. Concentration
Children who often play outside can concentrate better and longer. That's handy at school again.

8. Getting Smarter
While playing outdoors, the kids learn the lessons of nature in a playful way, for example how do I build this bridge so that it is strong enough?

9. Learning to assess risks
Children need to take risks in order to learn to assess risks. This ability to assess risk is essential in life and forms the basis for mathematics later on.

10. It's LEUK!
It's good for the child in all of us: life is more fun playing outdoors, even when you're not a child anymore. Play outside with your kids, enjoy these moments together and create beautiful memories.

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