Beastly good! Ride on every animal with pleasure

Your child's own riding animal has never been so close! With our durable riding animals, children can enjoy themselves in a fun, healthy and natural way. Because of our wide range we have a suitable riding animal for every child.(No rights can be derived from pictures on the website).


Choice for all ages

An appropriate animal for large and small! Our animals come in 4 sizes: Mini, small, medium/large and X-large. Children from 2 years to adults can ride on the animals.


Environmentally friendly

Our animals does not contain a motor or battery. Riding the animals is not harmful to the environment. The animals do not contain any harmful substances and are produced responsibly.


Outdoor and indoor 100% fun

Both indoor and outdoor use! The rubber wheels do not damage the substrate. By sending the animals they can move on a small surface.

NEW: mini-animals!

Recently we also have mini-animals on offer! This size is suitable for the smallest children who cannot ride on the size Small animals. Our mini animals are lighter and easier to use, especially for the little ones. The prices are a lot lower than our Small animals. The only difference with the other sizes is that the skin of the mini animals cannot be replaced.

Customer Reviews

When we started using the Tiger I was very pleasantly surprised! It has a soft, short coat, which you can remove and wash by hand. Quality product!

Senara Fath via Facebook

We are very happy with the arrival of the Animal-Riding horse. Both my son of 8 and my daughter of almost 4 have a lot of fun. I can't think of the horse anymore!

Hall Mulckhuijse via Facebook

A few years ago my child got the horse gift and still this is her favorite toy! We also bought a cleaning case, which made the fun even bigger.

Virginia via Amazon

The horse was the perfect Christmas gift for our daughter (4 years)! She had mastered it right away. Even our son (2.5 years) can do just as well as the big 🙂

Abaza via Amazon